How do I compile a daemon for Ubuntu Server 18.04? (Scrypt PoW/PoS)

Use the following instructions to compile a daemon for Ubuntu Server 18.04.

Update your Ubuntu machine.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Install the required dependencies.

sudo apt-get install build-essential libboost-filesystem-dev libboost-program-options-dev libboost-thread-dev libdb-dev libdb++-dev libminiupnpc-dev libssl1.0-dev

Required dependencies to compile the QT wallet.

sudo apt-get install libboost-all-dev qt5-default libqt5gui5 libqt5core5a libqt5dbus5 qttools5-dev qttools5-dev-tools libprotobuf-dev protobuf-compiler libqrencode-dev

Create a directory for the source code.

cd ~/
mkdir source_code
cd source_code

Note: replace “examplecoin” with the name of your coin.
Note: replace “6gs39011kick8xmqutpkrvi92xx5kwev4ykanlv1ls0ouuae5x” with the coinID of your coin.

Download the source code from MyCoin. (Available for a paid coin)

wget "" -O examplecoin-source.tar.gz

Extract the tar file.

tar -xzvf examplecoin-source.tar.gz

Execute the following commands to compile the daemon.

cd src/
make -f makefile.unix RELEASE=1

The compiling will take about 60 minutes depending on your system hardware.

Your compiled daemon named examplecoind can be found in the folder “src” when compiling is finished.

Execute the following commands to compile the QT wallet.

cd ../
qmake RELEASE=1
make STATIC=1

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